BroncoHack is a 24-hour hackathon that encourages students to build a technical project related to social justice.

BroncoHack is a 24-hour hackathon that gives participants the chance to gather a team and compete to build a project this is not only technically innovative but also addresses a social justice issue. The event will be held in Lucas Hall, Santa Clara University's business school, and we will be providing free meals, snacks, swag, and a cash prize of thousands of dollars, all for free! 

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Must be a college student or have graduated in the last year. Must be at least 18 years old.


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Michele Samorani

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Karla Callahan

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Jon Mullen

Judging Criteria

  • Business
    1. Feasibility - Is the idea practical? Would people use the app? 2. Business model - Did the group present a viable business model 3. Market Research - Did the group present convincing research that supports the real world need for their application?
  • Technology
    1. Innovation 2. Functionality 3. Technical Difficulty 4. User Experience
  • Social Justice
    1. Addressing a Real World Problem 2. Potential Impact